Youth Outcomes

Kids and teens who regularly attend a Club do better than their peers. 

Academic Success

  • 97% of participants complete their homework daily
  • 97% of participants are on grade level for their age
  • 98% of participants stated they plan to go to college
  • 87% of participants are earning mostly As & Bs

Healthy Lifestyles

  • 58% more likely to abstain from sexual behavior by age 15
  • 76% more likely to have not used drugs or alcohol
  • 80% more likely to have not been violent or carried a weapon

Good Character & Citizenship 

  • 70% of participants gave back to their community through food drives, tutoring, clean-ups, mentoring, etc. conducting more than 4,000 hours of service
  • 68% of Club 12th graders volunteer at least once per month, compared with 39% of 12th graders nationally